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Read our Garage Doors Safety tips when servicing your own garage door!

Every time we install or service a garage door we always make sure that it will glide up and down smoothly. Garage doors can be very heavy and the mechanism that raises and lowers your garage door uses a lot of force when doing so. This can be very dangerous not only to you, but children as well. To help protect your family and still keep your door working properly, here are some garage door safety tips:

  • When dealing with springs or cables please do not attempt to repair or adjust them. The springs and cables are under high pressure, and unless handled properly, they may cause you serious injury. If any of these appear to be broken or even slack, call us at Valuemax to help.

  • Do not try to adjust or remove bolts from the bottom brackets of your garage door. Brackets are connected to the whole spring system and as we mentioned previously, are continually under high amounts of tension. If the screws or brackets are loose or broken, or if you need your springs replaced, call the pros at Valuemax.

  • Please never let children play with the garage door, opener, or even the wall switch. These doors open with a lot of force that can hurt your child if used incorrectly. Mention to your children that the garage area is not a place to play around.

  • Use the Valuemax garage door inspection sheet to make monthly inspections on your garage doors to make sure everything is in working order. Also, try to lubricate hinges and rollers when necessary.

If you notice that a component of your garage door needs repairs but also appears to be potentially dangerous, please call us at Valuemax Garage Door Repair San Rafael. We currently serve many cities throughout Marin County and are locally owned and operated. For professional garage door repairs, call us today at (415) 968-5795 or (866) 575-9050.

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